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The 2019 pandemic was intensely demonstrated all over the world. This event, which left deep psychological scars on people not only with its deficiencies in the field of health, but also with its effects on the social and economic plane, brought new rules to the organs of coexistence of the society. Faced with operations such as "Social Distancing", "Quarantine", "Closing", the society began to experience this new lifestyle by having to spend most of their time in narrow spaces.

Many different households, from people living alone to large families, tried to overcome these and similar difficulties in different ways. In general, people who are left unsolved in many areas from health to economy, from social life to home life, will continue to heal the wounds they experienced and to live on social changes -in the period when there is a relative solution-. The reason for this is a uniform and homogenized social system and its members.

The parks in this image also depict the feeling of freedom that people yearn for during the pandemic. However, these areas, which are depicted as 3D but colorless, representing a monotonous and unidentified world created by this gigantic event, have also plastically formed the issue of digital copy, which depicts another reality that this environment has increased its presence in.


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