"Décadrages" means "De-Framing as Pascal Bonitzer said. As a cinematographic terms it means, "Offset of the screen image in film cinema, which shows the black frame between frames of a movie", but in photographic terms it means, "Decentering of the subject or use of obliques in a visual composition, which disorients the gaze". Finally, in musical terms, "Application of a free rhythm to a measured piece of music, as part of an improvisation."

"Décadrages" is a survey which tries to aim to catch the space between two different frames of a cinematographic experience like a movie or like an everyday experience and try depict everyday surroundings and happenings like a movie scene. Not like a climax but the scenes which stays out of whole film, like cut scenes, and not like the "OST" nor the "Score" but like the background noises.

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